[After landing a deal with Snoop Dogg’s Doggy Style Records, New Jersey hip-hop newcomer Heebz Street tells SOHH about his come-up and seeing fellow Garden State rappers like Fetty Wap flourish.]

I don’t know how people across the country feel about New Jersey, I think a lot of people are down on us. But we’re killing it.

There’s a lot of underground artists doing things right now. You have Naughty By Nature from New Jersey and the cool thing about them is that Treach actually handed me the microphone at one of my performances in Montclair, New Jersey.

Naughty By Nature is dope. That was an unreal experience for me. Being a white boy, rocking crowds? That was pretty cool.

I think Jersey is killing it. Fetty Wap is dope. He’s very different. He’s definitely new school. You have a lot of dope underground artists that aren’t really getting any recognition or spotlight but they’re killing it out here.

There’s a lot of artists who stay true to the culture and then a lot that are new and bring something new. Joe Budden is pretty cool.

I think artists like Fetty Wap is really expanding the door and having people come look at us a bit more.

I like Fetty Wap because I got to watch him come up. I’m really close friends with his cameraman. Shout-out to him. I still remember coming up and him telling me Fetty was going to blow.

I got to watch him come up out of Paterson, New Jersey.

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