West Coast rapper Snoop Dogg still can’t make any sense of President Donald Trump. The hip-hop veteran has shared his thoughts on the Trumpster.

Snoop Dizzle hopped on Instagram Tuesday (October 17) to give a take on Trump’s latest headline.

🤷🏾‍♂️. W. T. F. Is wrong wit this guy 😡😡😡

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In a new interview, rap star Kendrick Lamar shared his issues with Trump.

“The key differences [between Obama and Trump] are morals, dignity, principles, common sense,” he says. Where Obama was an inspiration, it’s hard for him to even respect Trump. “How can you follow someone who doesn’t know how to approach someone or speak to them kindly and with compassion and sensitivity?” But ultimately the rise of Trump has brought out something new in Kendrick. “It’s just building up the fire in me. It builds the fire for me to keep pushing as hard as I want to push.” (i-D)

Last weekend, rap veteran T.I. admitted his frustrations with Trump running the country.

In September, music mogul JAY-Z shared his thoughts on President Trump.

“I believe that everything that happens in life happens is for your greatest good. I don’t think that this is happening if we weren’t prepared to handle it. So I’m just actually looking forward to what happens next after that because usually when things are darkest then light is on its way. I’m not fearful. I believe that we’re resilient. We’ve been, especially us as black people and especially the culture, we’ve been through so much more than this guy. This guy, I’m looking at him like, ‘Man, this is a joke.’ I can’t even say with all due respect, with all disrespect [laughs] um, yeah, I just think that he’s not a very sophisticated man especially when it comes to the ideas of, until everyone’s free, no one’s free. That’s just a fact. We are all linked some kind of way. You oppress a certain type of people, we’re all in danger – because if I’m being oppressed and you have this nice mansion – I’m coming inside there. That’s going to happen. That’s just how life is. On just a practical level that just makes sense.” (BBC Radio 1)