Florida rapper Smokepurpp might want to fall back from his online goals this weekend. Hilarious memes have taken over the Internet courtesy of a recent freestyling session catching major backlash.

Smokepurpp x Memes

Over the past few hours, social media has erupted with less than friendly jokes. People narrowed in on how Smoke might have came unprepared for a Capital Xtra freestyle session.

“The person that asked @smokepurpp to freestyle needs to be shot 😖” -Hip Hop Memes Daily’s Instagram

High-Key Details

Recently, Smokepurpp posted a video with singer Miley Cyrus‘ younger sister Noah. In the clip, they’re cuddled up together and even sticking their tongues out to touch.

Wait, There’s More

Cyrus previously dated rapper Lil Xan. Although they had broken up, the pair linked up in spring 2020 driving around Hollywood.

She and the rapper looked to be on good terms while they drove around sunny Los Angeles in a black Mercedes G-Wagon. The ‘Betrayed’ signer was behind the wheel while Miley Cyrus’ little sister looked comfortable in his company amid California’s Stay at Home order. And while neither Cyrus or Xan have confirmed a reconciliation, this outing has prompted speculation the two are back together. (The Blast)

Before You Go

Recently, Smokepurpp flexed his trolling habits and imagined replacing President Donald Trump. Purpp went to Instagram and teased the idea of entering the 2020 presidential race. Smoke said in addition to making cannabis legal he would resurrect low-key corrupt advertising website Backpage.

“I’m running for president legalizing marijuana everywhere and bringing back backpage 😈 💯.. 😂 OFF MY CHEST really one of the best videos out I don’t care 🙏🔥 CAPTION THIS 🤣” -Smokepurpp’s Instagram

Smokepurpp for President?