New York rapper Smoke DZA, Janelle Monae and Joe Budden all have thoughts on Kanye West. The trio have shared different opinions on everything going on around the King of Twitter these days.

In a new interview, Janelle Monae said it’s important to try to understand where Yeezy is coming from with his publicized conservative-saluting tweets rather than first responding.

“I don’t agree with him if that is true and he’s supporting anybody that thinks like that, I don’t agree with him at all,” Monae said referring to Ye supporting anti-Black Lives Matter conservative Candace Owens. “I believe in free thinking but I don’t believe in free thinking if it’s rooted or at the expense of the oppressed. If your free thinking is used as fuel by oppressors to continue to oppress black people I think it’s bullsh*t and it’s not okay. I will speak out against it and will speak freely and I don’t agree with you. I don’t agree with it. Listen, I think through all of this, I lead with love. I’m saying this with love, out of love. I think it’s important that we listen, not to respond, not to be defensive, listen to understand instead of listening to respond. Listen to understand. I think if we do that, then maybe we can get somewhere. But if we come with our minds made up with how we’re gonna respond, I don’t think we’ll make any progress. I’m happy y’all having this conversation.” (Hot 97)

In a new Joe Budden Podcast, the Slaughterhouse group member posed the question of whether or not people will support the music based off his Twitter remarks.

“I’m tying this Kanye sh*t to modern day slavery to CyHi’s tweets to compromised media to new strategic marketing to like so many different things. Listen, if you’re listening to this podcast for the first time, pardon me, you are about to hear me in my true state which is obsessive as a f*ck. I have had nothing but time to obsess over what’s been going on here. So let’s start with Kanye. Let me make a distinction because I’ve seen a few people attack me for six in the morning Twitter rants that I delete before everybody wakes up. People say, ‘Joe, you have to pick a side of the fence to stand on because at one point you say you’re only here for the music and then on another hand you’re sick of Kanye.’ Let me respond to these people first because I’ll forget all of my points – I’m talking about Kanye West the person right now. I’m not having a music discussion. I want to talk to my good friends about Kanye West the person. As much as it seems like a very repetitive and redundant topic because we’ve discussed Kanye the person and some of his views before, I see it a bit clearer now today.” (“Joe Budden Podcast”)

In a new Hot 97 interview, DZA kept things brief with Ye and put his focus on New York native Tekashi 6ix9ine‘s publicized trolling.

“His sh*t is deep,” Smoke said referring to Ye’s publicized tweeting. “See with Ye, I really can’t speak on Ye because I don’t really know what’s going on [in his head]. But a Tekashi, we all from New York, Tekashi is from New York as well and as far as gang culture in New York, there really isn’t gang culture. New York is build off of fashion and hip-hop. West Coast? It’s based off gang culture. He doesn’t understand that because he’s young so unless you have an OG that’s pulling his coat – God bless him, I hope it all works for him in the long run. I don’t agree with it but like I said, we’re talking about it so I guess he’s doing the right thing.” (Hot 97)

Over the past few hours, Kanye has let loose an insane amount of tweets.