New York hip-hop artist Slowbucks has stepped forward to speak out on the controversy surrounding him following a publicized chain-snatching incident and press conference held earlier this month. #TheSagaContinues

Despite being unhappy with how the press conference went, SB slammed snitching accusations shot his way from ex-affiliate 50 Cent.

“If you get into a car accident and you sue, is that considered snitching? It’s the same thing. I see a lot of tough guys do that so I’m just asking. Snitching? If that person can provide some paperwork or is going to jail I’ll sign my company over. You get picked up for questioning. How you not gon’ get picked up for questioning. I got picked up for questioning. There’s no snitching on my record.” (“The Breakfast Club”)

Slow also used the media opportunity to jab 50 Cent’s perceived diminished image.

“He’s not the 50 that once was,” he said. “Nobody care about that music that just went brick. That’s the excuse when people do bad right? They independent. I get it. Slowbucks is what 50 wanted G-Unit to be. Bosses don’t move like that. You don’t go about stuff the way you did. This is Mr. Forbes worried about Mr. Winslow.” (“The Breakfast Club”)

SB’s unexpected beef record premiered online last week and took aim at G-Unit.

Now that G-Unit is officially back, it only seems right that they’re involved in some sort of beef. Today, Slowbucks has released a G-Unit diss song over Drake’s “0-100” instrumental. The situation between Slowbucks and 50 Cent has continued to escalate since Summer Jam, where Slowbucks was reportedly assaulted and his chain was taken while on stage. He held press conference with his attorney last week and announced that they plan to launch a full investigation on the incident. (Complex)

Coincidentally, Slowbucks said he was not intimidated by 50 earlier this month.

As for Slowbucks … he claimed he was jumped on June 1 by 50’s goons who jacked his gold chain while 50 was onstage at the Summer Jam Festival in Jersey. Slowbucks tells TMZ … he’s not scared of 50 or his posse, telling us, “People know how I roll in the streets.” He says 50 can keep the chain, saying he doesn’t want this to escalate into a Tupac/Biggie situation. (TMZ)


Check out Slowbucks’ interview: