Houston rapper Slim Thug has some words of motivation and warning following the emotional fall of Tyrese. The veteran hip-hop artist has weighed-in on Ty’s publicized child support nightmare.

This week, Slim Thugger went to Instagram to share his uncensored thoughts on Ty’s situation.

“Real life, all that bullsh*t aside, they f*cking up with Tyrese, man. $13,000 is too much for child support. No child needs $13,000 a month. That’s crazy. So yeah, we gonna pray for Tyrese. We know how them child support cases go. They ain’t never for the men. So all you Tinder d*ck dudes out there who think y’all in love right now, she probably finessing the bank roll and looking at the big picture. ‘Oh yeah, he got a bankroll? I’ma make him pay me child support later.’ So yeah, I say before you have a baby with a girl you gotta be with her for at least five years. You need to apply that rule to your life, man. Because if you don’t, you’re gonna be shaking the dice and crying on the Internet like Tyrese. Prayers up to Tyrese. It’s tough out here, man. You gotta stay strapped.”


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When it's the 1st and bills keep coming 🤦🏾‍♂️

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A few hours ago, Tyrese responded to a viral clap-back clip from comedian Michael Blackson.

@tyrese my neega I’ve been going thru the same battle with my 10 yr old twin boys, this family court system is not made for us men but don’t give up keep fighting and one day when your daughter is old enough her mom will have a lot of explaining to do. My bm asked the court for me not to post pics of my kids so I can look like a dead beat who don’t spend time with them. Take your problem to God because if you bring it to ig beech neegas like me will make videos. I’ll talk to the rest of the dark skin committee and reconsider bringing you back on the dark side and returning Drake and Steph curry. Good luck in court and tell Jacoby and Myers I said what’s up. Oh since you don’t want to do Fast & Furious 9 can I have your part? Just asking that’s all. Much love modasucka

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Last night, Michael released an epic, must-watch clip clowning Tyrese.

“Okay, Tyrese, after watching your video about 10 times, me and a few other dark-skinned n*ggas have decided to trade you. You are no longer considered dark skin. You did some really red bullsh*t yesterday. I spoke to Akon, Don Cheadle, Gucci Mane and Wesley Snipes and we are trading you for Drake and Steph Curry. Good luck with your court case.”

#Tyrese is my neega but with all due respect I have no respect, the neega did some light skin shit yesterday.

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Yesterday, social media has roasted the singer with must-watch memes.