Southern rapper Slim Thug has reportedly been accused of pistol-whipping and robbing a man nearly one year ago in Texas.

A lawsuit against Slim Thug has officially been filed and also names one of the rapper’s associates’ as involved with the incident.

A man claims rapper Slim Thug and a crony jumped, pistol-whipped and robbed him when he arrived at a home for a business meeting. Clarence Evans sued Stayve Jerome Thomas aka Slim Thug da Boss Hogg Outlawz and Raymond Thomas III in Harris County Court. Evans claims that “soon after entering the home” for the meeting on March 29, 2010, “defendants suddenly, and without warning, attached [sic] plaintiff and violently struck plaintiff in the face using the end of a pistol. Defendants participated in the attack and directed the other attendees of the business meeting to attack plaintiff and steal any money plaintiff had in his pockets at the time.” (Court House News)

The victim is reportedly seeking multiple damages as a result of the aftermath of the physical assault.

Evans is seeking an disclosed amount for a variety of charges. Evans is suing Slim Thug and his associate Raymond Thomas for medical, hospital and pharmaceutical charges, lost wages, pain and suffering, mental anguish, physical disability and disfigurement. (All Hip Hop)

On a lighter note, Slim Thug recently talked about settling down romantically before reaching 40.

“I been 30 since September and this has been the best days of my life. I been enjoying myself. I had way more success music wise at 24 or 25, but I look back like ‘what the f*ck was I doing?’ At 30, I feel like I got more knowledge and wisdom. I’m cool right now but I ain’t ready to settle down. I ain’t getting married until 40 now. [I message Nicki Minaj] only on Twitter. I saw her [the other] night but I don’t harass her in person. If she ever gave me a shot I will get at her. I like Nicki Minaj and she can get it whenever but I don’t f*ck with her in person, just on Twitter.” (XXL Mag)

In November, Thugga opened up about a few different celebrity women catching his eye.

Rihanna is a bad b*tch who look just like her on twitter I’m looking for Beyonce Nicki Minaj Amber rose clones send me there @’s,” he tweeted November 21st. (Slim Thug’s Twitter)

Check out some recent Slim thug footage down below: