Slaughterhouse‘s Kxng Crooked, Jonathan Hay, Iliana Eve and DJ Hannahbella have all united to address a series of modern-day issues ranging from suicide and depression to childhood abandonment. The foursome linked up for their new “Split Paths” song. [Above photo credit: Noah Keckler]

On the new audio effort, producer Jonathan Hay combines Crooked, Eve and Hannahbella on the must-hear track.

“I’ve done an extensive amount of work with KXNG Crooked over the years, and ‘Split Paths’ is the best thing I think we’ve done together. It was a great experience working with sisters Iliana Eve and Hannah Lynn on this very personal record. Crooked laid down a very powerful verse about abandonment issues, depression and loss of love… all things that so many of us go through.” (HHDX)

Along with the new track, Iliana Eve and Hannah Lynn are expected to appear in an upcoming reality TV show.

Iliana Eve and her older sister, Hannah Lynn aka DJ Hannahbella (16 years old), will be taking the world by storm with their famed celebrity publicist and music producer Dad, Jonathan Hay, in a reality television show highlighting their crazy, dynamic family. Iliana Eve and Hannah Lynn will be meeting their biological grandparents for the first time with Louisville, Kentucky TV reporter Angie Fenton, whose own adoption-reunification story was told on the show, ‘Finding My Father’, which aired on Oxygen TV. (Huffington Post)


Photo credit: Noah Keckler

Iliana recently teamed up with hip-hop artist Nitty Scott for a new song called “Lost Souls.”

Almost six months after the horrific shooting that took place in Orlando’s LGBT nightclub Pulse that left 49 dead in June, survivor Patience Carter recruits Orlando MC Nitty Scott, singer Iliana Eve and L’Shai for the emotional track “Lost Souls.” The song — co-produced by Jonathan Hay, Sean Dean, Mike Smith, DJ Hannahbella and Benny Reid — features the four female artists speaking on their individual experiences overcoming pain and struggle. (Billboard)


Photo credit: Noah Keckler