[With a lower than expected Rotten Tomatoes score and mixed reviews from movie critics, it’s no wonder people are skeptical about dropping bucks to see the new Justice League movie. But with an all-star ensemble and the success of this year’s Wonder Woman blockbuster, SOHH entertainment correspondent Ryan Proctor takes a deep look into whether or not it’s worth checking out. Peep ’em below!]

Facts are facts – Thor: Ragnarok was a HUGE success. The biggest movie in the world no less. Those are some big shoes for the new D.C Universe movie Justice League. They’re hoping to build on the momentum of Wonder Woman, second best DCU movie behind Man of Steel in my opinion. But, if you’re skeptical of Justice League I completely understand, but for real, here’s five reasons you might want to give Justice League a shot.

1. The Introduction of Aqua Man

Now I know we were all hoping he would get his own introductory film, I think this is a good way to ease us into the Aqua Man story. Personally, not a huge Aqua Man fan but, CRAZY EXCITED to see Jason Momoa (aka Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones) take up this role. If he’s half as bad-ass as Drogo, it should be fun.

2. Cyborg

Although formerly known as being part of the Teen Titans, the appearance of Cyborg is one that’s intriguing. They replaced Green Lantern with Cyborg because fans still have that awful Green Lantern film from 2011 on their minds. Cyborg made a small appearance in Batman vs. Superman, which caught most by surprise because he’s not really a member of the Justice League. He looks dope, but we have to wait and see if it works.

3. Is Darkseid Going To Show Up?

The implementations of Darkseid was HEAVY at the end of Batman vs. Superman. Will we see Darkseid the way The Avengers show off Thanos? These minions or demons or whatever the hell they are seem to be tied in Darkseid. And if we do see Darkseid, is it Lex Luthor who summoned him when “Doomsday” showed up? Check it out and we can all find out together.

4. The Flash

The popularity of The Flash has grown exponentially due to the success of the show on CW. Barry Allen takes on the the similar role of Spider Man in Civil War (UNDEROOS LOL). His interactions alone with Bruce Wayne in the previews have me excited to check it out. Let’s be honest though, seeing The Flash with his lightning fast speed in this universe on the big screen seems too dope to pass up.


Will we see the Man of Steel? It would seem as though this question can only be answered if you see the movie. I mean, you can’t have the Justice League without it’s leader – right? That would be like a having the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles without Leo. It just wouldn’t make sense. I’m hoping D.C reintroduces him because we all know he isn’t dead. It has got to be an epic reintroduction though.

D.C has a chance to keep building on the spark Wonder Woman reignited for the DCU. I’m hoping for the best. I was slowly getting excited about Justice League. I can’t wait to see this one and I definitely think you guys should really consider checking it out too.

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