New York rapper Shyne is stirring up some commotion after making a few dicey statements in relation to his publicized 2001 gun trial this week.

Although he did not directly name-drop former boss Diddy, Shyne made ample assertions in his public rant.

“I don’t know when it became cool to be selfish & spineless! I’ll never accept the idea that it’s somehow acceptable to get your friends, or anyone for that matter, in trouble so U can get out of trouble! I promise U these confidential informants & outright rats are living in hell. No amount of money can give U peace! #G^dfatherFollow,” Shyne captioned March 27 with a photo of him from 2001 headed to trial. (Shyne’s Instagram)

Back in fall 2012, Shyne shot some tense words toward Diddy and Maybach Music Group leader Rick Ross.

“He’s the ultimate creep, so creeps stick together. That’s why those two [Ross and Diddy] roll hard, because he’s the ultimate creep. Listen, I’m a gentleman. I try to have honor with everything that I do. So it’s not about Shyne being mad and Shyne hating. Proof of that is that I gave this creep the opportunity to redeem himself and correct the mistake that he knows that he made, that he’s expressed to me over and over again,” Shyne added. “But he’s a creep. He pretends to be sorry. Maybe he even wants to be sorry. But he’s so much of a creep, he just can’t find that part of himself. Like when he say God is great, I think he’s talking about himself. He thinks he’s God. He has no accountability.” (Hot 97)

Months prior, the reformed rapper dropped his anti-Diddy track “You’re Welcome.”

“He ain’t from there, this is not a smear, this is what they fear, the whole youth I swear,” Shyne raps, “Look, I seen the plot, what he did to Mase and did to Lox, what he did to Wolf and did to Ak/God Bless the dead, Notorious, Pac/Why would I think that I was different/So I just, sat in the distance/Kept my mouth closed, looked and listened/Learned all the trades of the sharks and fishes” (“You’re Welcome”)

Back in 2010, the ex-Bad Boy star recounted how the now-infamous December 1999 shooting went down.

“I can tell you I was defending myself and the muthaf*ckas that was with me,” Shyne explains. “Listen, I live my life for what’s right. When I grew up, death and harsh consequences and spending the rest of your life in the pen is a matter of fact. It’s not somethin’ that you read about in the newspaper…In my life, when I make decisions to roll, I roll. And I don’t give a f*ck what the consequences are. If I’ma defend myself, I’ma defend myself. If somebody tryna kill or hurt one of my partnas or my comrades that’s with me, there is no, ‘Yo… or D*mn, well, if I pull this sh*t out, this is what’s gonna happen.'” (XXL Magazine)