Louisiana rapper NBA Youngboy has made a name for himself over the past 12 months and would normally be a top contender for XXL’s Freshman 2018 list – however – his recent string of publicized arrests for disturbing charges can’t go unnoticed. Should the rap rookie’s run-in with law enforcement disqualify him? Here are a couple reasons XXL might want to consider skipping him this year.

The Girlfriend Hotel Fight Footage

If former NFL champion Ray Rice suffered consequences for attacking his fiancée on an elevator back in February 2014, shouldn’t the same public outcry be applied to NBA Youngboy in March 2018? His girlfriend Jania has since claimed that’s how they ‘play’ but looking at the footage, is there too much of a blurry line between playing and domestic violence to just ignore the severity?

The Kidnapping Charge

Much like the hotel incident, the kidnapping charge NBA Youngboy is going through right now is too public to ignore. This relates back to the hotel attack footage as Jania is seen getting dragged into a hotel room. Again, she has since denied the claim but could the disturbing footage and charge be enough to have him disqualified for XXL Freshman consideration?

Is this enough for the hip-hop publication to fall back on NBA? His track record is impressive and his return from jail on bail has received praise courtesy of rap stars like Young Thug – but is his legal situation too messy and complicated to ignore just to land on the prestigious annual list?

Back in late January, buzz developed about handfuls of potential Freshman inductees with NBA Youngboy amongst the contenders.

Pick 10 XXL Freshman Out of this list .

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Recently, New York rap veteran Mysonne shared his personal issues with XXL’s yearly list.

“My opinion of the XXL Freshman class is it appears to only appeal to one demographic and one particular style and genre of music. It doesn’t appeal to everyone. Most of those artists have similarities. I also think Don Q should definitely be on the Freshman list and you know it is an injustice that he’s not there! He should’ve been there last year but I’ve lost all faith in the XXL Freshman class. There was a time when I just had decided to pretty much boycott it so I’m not surprised at the lack of diversity or lack of what I will call talent in the class.” (SOHH)