The LOX’s Sheek Louch recently reflected on his work ethic back at the start of G-Unit‘s early days and how competitive they were with putting their music out for the streets.

Asked to speak about late Violator founder Chris Lighty, Sheek said he always acknowledged the workload both camps dedicated themselves to.

“I never actually did no deals with him, I know he damn sure wanted to. I remember when G-Unit came into play, Chris Lighty was always at D-Block Studio like, “Yo man, every time we put something out, D-Block puts something out immediately.” We were in the mixtape game back then. We was always like, they put something out, we put something out. Before we started beefing, he was like, “Yo, y’all don’t let up.”” (Complex)

He also acknowledged how much Lighty wanted the LOX to do business with Violator.

“He wanted to make something happen over there at Violator, but it never took place. I always say that to say this: His ear was always to the street. Chris’ ear was to the street all day long. For too many people to be hurting for that brother, he had to be doing something right man. He was a good dude. I remember I seen him after we was beefing, us and G-Unit. He was like, “Yo man, this is business man.” He downplayed it like that. And that was the kind of dude he was. God bless man.” (Complex)

Last year, G-Unit’s 50 Cent reflected on his past issues with the LOX.

“You know what happens, some of it is hip-hop,” 50 explained in an interview with Funkmaster Flex when discussing beefs. “It’s just the competitive nature, the art form. You look at, like, with Jadakiss’ [and LOX’s] situation, that was just rap. I don’t have a reason. When you look back and two years go by, you say, ‘Why don’t I like them?’ And you can’t really remember why, then you know it’s rap.” (“Full Throttle”)

In early 2009, the LOX’s Jadakiss spoke on reconciling with 50.

“You gotta give [DJ] Rob E Rob the credit, he got me and big homie on the phone,” Jada explained. “It wasn’t no real beef anyway. That was just one of his musical tools on that Massacre album to make sure he did those numbers outta the gate, he had to come holla at the kid. I made a lot of money too from shows and what not, but it was good for a minute. I’m sure in the future you will see Jada and 50, LOX and G-Unit. Anything that can make money as long as it’s beneficial for both parties and it’s good for the hood, we’ll do it.” (This Is 50)