Hollywood actress Meagan Good has a back-up plan for Colin Kaepernick if he wants to fall back on pursuing a highly-anticipated NFL comeback. The high-profile entertainer has pitched the idea of sharing big screen time with the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback.

In a new interview, Meagan said she’s all good with a flick starring herself and Colin.

Enter the “Shazam!” actress … who tells us she would LOVE to see Kaepernick take up acting if he decides to officially hang up his football cleats. “I just think Kaepernick is amazing and pray for him to continue to just have the platform that he has whatever way that he has, and if he wants to act, dude, he can do it!” (TMZ)

Earlier this month, NFL superstar Odell Beckham Jr. went to Instagram with a salute to Kaep by donning his jersey.

Despite the perception, recent reports claimed the Black Lives Matter activist and former teammate Eric Reid didn’t get the 10’s of millions media initially speculated in a publicized NFL settlement case.

Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid, the NFL stars who alleged the league’s teams colluded to keep them off the field after they led protests during the national anthem, will receive less than $10 million to settle grievances with the league, according to people briefed on the deal. (Wall Street Journal)

Various media outlets suggested Kaep likely received well over $50 million in the NFL settlement.

The estimates that Kaepernick was due to get upwards of $100 million in the settlement were due to the fact that if the former 49ers quarterback had won his grievance, the league’s collective bargaining agreement stated he could get damages that tripled what an arbitrator determined he’d lost because of collusion by the owners, who the players said colluded to prevent them from finding new teams after kneeling or holding up a fist to protest racial inequality. (NY Post)