DC Comics is at it again with yet another feature film, this time adapting the kid who can transform into a superhero, just by shouting SHAZAM!

We all had the dream of being a superhero, now we get to see a kid actually live it out on the big screen. DC is committed to bringing heroes to the big screen and it looks like this one may be the one to send them over the top.

Here’s 5 reasons you should get ready to go out and see Shazam! when it arrives in theaters this Friday, April 5! [Check out each reason and enter to win your own pair of passes!]

Just think about all those times you thought you could fly like Superman, or had the speed of the Flash, Billy Batson gets to live that very dream. Just from the previews alone I know I would react the same way, “HOLY SH*T! I have super powers?!” Give it a chance.

DC has a pretty good track record with origin stories. They don’t rush much. They introduce the character and the importance of why he is chosen to take on the power of Shazam! What separates ______ from everyone else who does good deeds? Go check this one out and find out!

Shazam! is a more comedic superhero than most of DC. The ‘realism’ behind DC comics is put pretty much on the back burner in this series. Hopefully we are not misled from the trailers, and should be a fun time at the movies.

DC does great with its television shows, but in regards to the big screen, they are still finding their way to consistency. I know, we are waiting for Wonder Woman 1984 at the end of the year, but before we get there, Shazam! is the one in the foreground who needs some attention as well. Let’s give it to him.

It’s that time of year again for the BIG budget movies to start hitting the screen. This one is no different. Marvel will have its grand finale soon, but before you do that, grab the family, get some popcorn and soda, then go see Shazam! It should be an enjoyable time for everyone.

Shazam is DC’s big chance this summer to get themselves on track to get people excited about more DC films. We all know Wonder Woman 1984 is coming this fall, but DC needs Shazam to be a success to build the momentum for that release. Let’s give it a chance to succeed and get out to support Shazam before we get to Wonder Woman.