Former NBA great Shaquille O’Neal‘s ex-wife Shaunie has come forward to address speculation and rumors surrounding an alleged sex tape featuring the former basketball star and multiple women.

According to Shaunie, she has been offered the tape but turned it down.

A rep for Shaunie O’Neal tells TMZ … the man making the sex tape claims, Robert Ross, set up a meeting with Shaunie back when she had split from Shaq … and offered to sell her the tape. Ross claims the tape shows Shaq with other women while he was still with Shaunie. Ross claims Shaq would bring women to Ross’ home and a security camera captured the action. Shaunie says she never saw any footage — and can’t confirm if it actually exists — but says she turned Ross down flat because she “wanted nothing to do with it.” (TMZ)

Shaq’s former friend, Robert Ross, claims he was physically attacked over the footage.

A Los Angeles music producer testified that gang members kidnapped him in 2008 and told him the reason was an “issue” with Shaquille O’Neal and his business partner, according to transcripts from a preliminary criminal hearing. In the transcripts, producer Robert Ross – who has claimed the attack came because he said he had a sex tape featuring O’Neal – testified that his kidnappers beat him and demanded a “videotape.” (The Associated Press)

Ross testified in court earlier this week and explained the tape’s origin.

In the testimony, a transcript of which was released Saturday, Ross said that at one point, his home security system had a recording of O’Neal having sex with a woman, but that it had been recorded over. When he later had a business dispute with O’Neal and business partner Mark Stevens over bringing singer Ray J to the pair’s record label, he told them through a friend that he would give the tape to O’Neal’s wife, in an attempt to pressure them to give him the money he thought he was owed, Ross testified. (Los Angeles Times)

In early June, Shaq officially announced his retirement from the NBA.

“I never thought this day would come. And Father Time has finally caught up with Shaquille O’Neal. After 19 years, I’m announcing my retirement from professional basketball. It is now time for me to begin my new life.” (National Public Radio)

Check out some past footage of Shaquille O’Neal below: