Former G-Unit executive Sha Money XL has thrown himself into the dispute between 50 Cent and music mogul Steve Stoute after a recent debate over Fif’s influence on pop culture.

Sha jumped onto his Instagram page to post up a photo-based series of 50’s past business ventures and add fuel to the debate.

“#tbt 2002 In the Club video shoot pic shot by @christianclancy Ps. tell Stoute he can’t count 50 out. He was the 1st one chasing us to get some of that G Unit money so Tan that political sh*t,” Sha wrote March 6.

“#tbt The tanning of America. Tell me another that sold 3 mill sneakers ?Respect history don’t try to re write it.”

“#tbt The tanning of America”

“@jamescruz1 is my witness and led us to Victory, I’m glad I got my stash of pics #tbt #tanningofAmerica my Unit set the bar now climb higher u f*cks” (Sha Money XL’s Instagram)

Recently, music producer Rico Love noted 50’s positive influence on the music biz.

“I just a record with 50,” Rico revealed in an interview. “He sent me a record to do a hook for and I did it recently but we never went into the studio together to work and obviously I called Joe and got his blessing. Joe is my friend. Joe is my real friend, my brother, my family, so before I did anything I called him and I think even 50 would respect that. I called him and he was like, ‘Nah, it’s love. It ain’t no problem with Fif. Do your thing.’ … It’s a party record. … 50’s one of those guys you can’t discredit. You can’t count him out. He’s done so much to affect pop culture in a way that you can’t deny. To discredit that in any way, you’re doing yourself a disservice and disrespecting the business you’re in.” (“Mikey T The Movie Star”)

According to reports, Curtis Jackson and Stoute saw each other face-to-face last week.

Watch what you say! 50 Cent confronted Steve Stoute during a Knicks game at New York’s Madison Square Garden on Friday (Feb. 28). Photos surfaced of the two men in what appears to be in a heated conversation. Judging by the pics (posted at HipHop-N-More), it looks like the G-Unit leader was making sure he got his point across while Stoute was trying to diffuse the situation and explained himself. (The Boom Box)

Stoute shared a few words on 50 Cent’s career last month.

“Are you going to have 50 Cent up here soon? You got to. He got out of his record deal,” Stoute added. “He’s not [in my top five influential rapper list]. He hasn’t had a hit in a really long time. He has not made anything musically that’s changed anything in a very long time. I feel like he’s always gearing up for something that never happens. Hopefully, now that he’s independent, and there’s no record company to blame, his aggressive content, [laughs], can get onto the air. I don’t know. I think he’s trying to get back.” (“The Angie Martinez Show”)