Fresh Friday. We’re feeling fresh SOHH why not get things going with Serena Williams making us sweat? Speaking of sweating, did Nick Cannon‘s pen game make us sweat to G.O.O.D. Music? With the epic record label on your mind, is head honcho Kanye West waving his finger to blacks? All this coming up in SOHH Whatcha Think.

1. Serena’s Got It

It’s safe to say Serena Williams has the full package. In addition to just being an iconic sports athlete, she’s incredible beautiful and has an attitude you can’t help but appreciate. Turns out she leaned more on her beauty than attitude side this week. Her Instagram has incredible shots:

That "i know you not talkin' to me" face 🍑

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New season. New moves. Coming soon… 😍💃🏽#Berlei

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Are you feeling these shots? Is Serena just feeling herself? Any complaints? #SOHHWhatchaThink?

2. The Cannon Effect

Is everyone too hard on Nick Cannon? As much as we can acknowledge the women he’s dated in the past, isn’t it a bit hard to take his music seriously? Turns out, we’re all the fools. It seems like he’s done some G.O.O.D. Music in the past. “The Breakfast Club” is on it:

“I ain’t never wrote no smashes, but I’ve been in the Kanye camps early on. I was there doing ‘Gold Digger.’ I wrote the bar for Kanye, ‘We don’t need to stunt/I make black history every day, I don’t need a month.’ That was me. Kanye’s bar. Stuff like that. That’s why I love Kanye and his movement because he knows how to make great music, great songs. That ego doesn’t get into the art form. He’s like, ‘If somebody say something dope, let’s get to it.’ Being a part of that process, I’ve learned so much from him in making songs because.” (“The Breakfast Club”)

What records do you think he helped with? Are you going to peep the credits on all of Ye’s songs? Think we all underestimate Nick’s true skills as a musician? #SOHHWhatchaThink?

3. Facts Or Fiction

Everyone’s feeling a certain way about Kanye West these days and in his defense, at least you’re feeling something. But the comments he made last night really have rubbed people the wrong way. If it wasn’t enough for him to show support for Donald Trump, it’s the fact he took a shot at his own folks? Akademiks TV is on it:

Is this just Kanye West being Kanye West? Do you agree with him? Did he go too far? #SOHHWhatchaThink?

That wraps it up for today. This is SOHH On The Spot giving you the scoop from your favorite gossip sites.