Celebrities Serena Willimas, Eva Longoria, Bobby V., Khloe Kardashian and more have all sent out their condolences and reactions to this week’s devastating Hurricane Sandy disaster along the East Coast.

USA Olympic champion Serena Williams sent out prayers to victims Tuesday (October 30) morning.

“Praying for victims of hurricane sandy. Go away Sandy go away.,” she tweeted. (Serena Williams’ Twitter)

Reality television star Khloe Kardashian acknowledged how serious the disaster is.

“Praying for the victims of hurricane Sandy! Praying for everyone who is affected!!! My heart goes out to all of the families. Praying”

“This news footage is so scary :(” (Khloe Kardashian’s Twitter)

Retweeting updates on the hurricane, actress Eva Longoria interacted with flood victims.

“Stay safe babe! RT @lorenridinger: We are over west side hwy and totally flooded! 4 feet of water at least and by … http://tmi.me/yDDps ” (Eva Longoria’s Twitter)

Former “Bad Girls Club” star Natalie Nunn gave her take on the hurricane’s destruction.

“I hope everyone is safe out there on the east coast #sandy doing the most b*tch needs to sit down somewhere!”

“”@1anONLYtish: @missnatalienunn right I miss pay day cause of f*cking sandy….b*tch cant get.pay cause of a storm wtf..lol” yea man f*ck” (Natalie Nunn’s Twitter)

Atlanta R&B singer Bobby V. sent out his well wishes to Sandy survivors.

“Prayin 4 every1 uptop thts dealing wit hurricane sandy! Y’all be safe!” (Bobby V’s Twitter)

As of Tuesday morning, hundreds of thousands along the East Coast are without power.

Millions of people across the eastern United States awoke on Tuesday to scenes of destruction wrought by monster storm Sandy, which knocked out power to huge swathes of the nation’s most densely populated region, swamped New York’s subway system and submerged streets in Manhattan’s financial district. At least 15 people were reported killed in the United States by Sandy, one of the biggest storms to ever hit the country, which dropped just below hurricane status before making landfall on Monday night in New Jersey. (Reuters)