Boot Camp Clik’s Sean Price is not working up an apology for activist Dr. Cornel West after labeling him the devil earlier this month and has explained the motivation behind his eye-catching proclamation.

Asked to elaborate on his devil tag, Price detailed his issues with Dr. West.

“Yes [I really believe that. Evidence?] No, I have none. That’s just my weirdo way of thinking,” Price said in an interview. “I don’t know, man. It’s something about people who talk all that sh8T and all that “We need to do this and we need to do that…” I don’t trust nobody, I don’t believe nobody. I don’t think he’s intentionally poisoning us; he thinks he’s doing good but he’s a puppet like the rest of them.” (Village Voice)

Around mid-October, Sean P. ignited online conversations after his controversial remark.

“Cornell West is the deveil he drinks cow blood and f*ck goats,” Price tweeted October 12th. (Sean Price’s Twitter)

Recently, Dr. West demanded rap mogul Jay-Z come clean about his ownership percentage of the Brooklyn Nets.

Once again, folks are all up in Jay Z’s business over exactly how much of a stake he has in the Brooklyn Nets. Academic and activist Cornell West recently implored the rapper to disclose the financial facts. “Now I love Jay-Z, I’ve spent much time with the brother. He’s a lyrical genius. But we’ve got to tell him the truth. Tell the truth, Jay-Z. You tell the truth on ‘Reasonable Doubt’ in 1996, that’s what he started out with. He’s telling the truth, we love you negro. But we gon’ make sure you’re accountable too. All of us in this together, and I’m saying it out of love,” said West. (Atlanta Black Star)

In August, New York Times reporter David Halbfinger discussed Jay’s resistance to get featured in a Brooklyn Nets piece.

“The first couple of calls I made was to try and see if Jay-Z would talk to us because that would take the story in a very friendly direction presumably. There are issues with doing that. The issue if you get an interview is how much do you allow the interview to shape the direction of your reporting? In this case his people said, “No way, no how!” In fact, they tried to shut the story down arguing that this is just a hype story and why don’t we wait until later when the arena is open. … It was very straightforward and exactly how the story turned out to be. … I also reminded them that I wrote the “American Gangster” piece. It’s very simple. He invested $1 million and that was out of a $300 million purchase price. That’s one-third of one percent, period. End of story.” (The Launch Magazine)

Check out Dr. Cornel West speaking on Jay-Z below: