As hip-hop still copes with the shocking passing of rap veteran Sean Price, producer 4th Disciple confirms to SOHH they had a collaborative album in the works.

According to 4th, their recording sessions together may have been Price’s final tracks.

“P’s influence on the hip-hop scene was growing to a point I’m not sure that he was aware of. He was a full package artist in my opinion and his “FOH”,” 4th told SOHH. “Attitude was very needed in these days. These recordings may have been his last before his passing, so they are very memorable in that sense alone.” (SOHH)

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Recent reports claimed 4th and Price had a full-fledged collaborative album in the works.

Initially, 4th Disciple and Price were going to record one or two tracks together but the unmistakable musical chemistry between 4th Disciple’s production and Price’s flow made these artists come to a mutual agreement to record a full length album featuring Deck, completely produced by 4th Disciple. The two-day all night sessions generated three verses from Price, two of them blessed by Deck which flow over dope 4th Disciple beats. Price and 4th decide to take a break and agree to reunite on Monday, August 10th, to finish the project. (Press Release)

Barring any setbacks, some of Price’s verses will appear on an upcoming compilation album.

The unexpected passing of the Boot Camp Click artist halted production of a project that was sure to be classic hip hop collaboration. The previously recorded songs will be placed on a compilation album. The project will feature an array of artists and will be released in the fall of 2015. (Press Release)

Terror Squad leader Fat Joe recently talked about SP’s untimely August death.

“You know what, life goes on and it’s unfortunate because we have to deal with deaths and it’s sad. We deal with it all the time. In hip hop we just lost Sean Price, a legend. It’s about staying strong, it’s about just moving on and keeping the memory with you and keep pushing forward because the minute you reach out and dwell in the darkness, you’re through.” (SCMP)