Miami producer Scott Storch recently talked about what classic tracks he has made and why Jay Z is still atop his personal wish list of rappers he has to work with.

Despite having worked around the Hov camp, Storch said he is determined for an intimiate Jigga studio session.

“Yeah, I definitely want a hit record with Jay Z. He has his crew he works with, and I’ve floated around them a few times, [Memphis] Bleek with the “Murda Murda” joint, I co-produced “Hola Hovito” with Timbaland, and a couple other records. But one-on-one, me and that dude are going to get a hit record. Just for the child in me that has to have it. Not just any song on an album, but a true hit that has its place in music history.” (Complex)

This week, fellow Miami producer DJ Khaled boasted about a new Jay Z track coming out.

“I am honored to work with Jay Z on my new album. I’ve worked so hard to get to this point. My fans expect me to be greater and keep being great, so I made it my business and I made it a mission to secure more wins.” (WSHH)

The mega producer also hinted at a new album dropping in the coming months.

“I just left Marcy projects , see for yourself the summer is mines! #theydontloveyounomore #wtb jus know!! http://bit.ly/1j9sTUu” (DJ Khaled’s Twitter)

Much like Storch, Khaled said is dream collaboration was rap star Eminem last year.

“Tell Eminem I want to do a record with him, and I think the fans and the people, they wanna see that too,” Khaled said Wednesday (March 13) on “RapFix Live.” “I need help on that. Sway, can you talk to Em? … He’s amazing. It’s Eminem. But I feel like we need to do an anthem together, a record together. We need to get in the studio together, me and him just vibe out. I want to play him the beat, give him the energy, the inspiration. Then I want his engineer, not mine, his, and make him feel comfortable, turn the mic on and do what we do.” (MTV)