Miami producer Scott Storch recently talked about his past battle with drug addiction and how he hurt his relationship with music mogul Dr. Dre.

In Storch’s perspective, his drug-induced decisions cost him a close-knit bond with Doc.

“I regret the way I treated Dr. Dre after he so graciously opened up the doors for this kingdom to me and I know the mistakes I made were 100 percent drug-induced and I just feel like that relationship isn’t over. And I hope to work with him in the future. Hopefully, he can accept me back into his good graces.” (HHW)

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Last month, Scott completed a court-ordered educational program.

The judge in Storch’s bankruptcy case ordered him to take a course in financial management. Storch — who’s produced tracks for Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake and Beyonce — was down to $100 in cash, some clothes, and a watch after a string of poor decisions … including reportedly blowing through $30 mil just on drugs. (TMZ)

Last year, West Coast rapper Game revealed plans to work with Storch.

The Blood Money project – it’s coming this year. I got a bunch of new artists on there,” Game revealed in an interview. “I got Wale on there, Rick Ross, Wiz Khalifa, Tyga, it’s a bunch. It’s good music. You know me, man. It’s going to have the right beats and the right sound. … The Documentary 2, I’m going back to the Just Blaze’s, the Scott Storch’s, the Dr. Dre’s.” (“LA Leakers”)

Storch previously said he was determined for an intimate Jay Z studio session.

“Yeah, I definitely want a hit record with Jay Z. He has his crew he works with, and I’ve floated around them a few times, [Memphis] Bleek with the “Murda Murda” joint, I co-produced “Hola Hovito” with Timbaland, and a couple other records. But one-on-one, me and that dude are going to get a hit record. Just for the child in me that has to have it. Not just any song on an album, but a true hit that has its place in music history.” (Complex)