West Coast rap veteran MC Hammer has joined in on the phone of clowning Houston Rockets star James Harden with some viral jabs at this year’s Most Valuable Player candidate.

Hammer took to his Twitter page to bash Harden ahead of his Golden State Warriors’ Game 3 against the Rockets.

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Check out what curse Lil B threatened James Harden with on the next page…

This week, fellow Warriors fan Lil B name-dropped James in a Twitter post jab.

The Atlanta Hawks, who are currently facing off against LeBron James‘ Cleveland Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference Finals have begged Based God for mercy.

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During a school event last year, Based God set the record straight on cursed NBA victim Kevin Durant.

“Thank you so much for bringing that out there. I do. I want to say, to answer your question: yes, I do love Kevin Durant, and I appreciate him, and I appreciate the NBA,” B said when asked about KD. “Everybody was looking at me like—I was thinking I said something wrong! But no, if he came to D.C…I would…uhhh…you know, me and Kevin—me and Kevin got a game to play. Once Kevin is off his injury from the Based God’s curse. I pray for the Thunder team, I pray for them.” (The FADER)