Top Dawg Entertainment‘s ScHoolboy Q isn’t even close to thinking about retirement anymore. The hip-hop star has provided fans with an update on a long-awaited Blank Face follow-up album.

A screenshot has surfaced of Q promising multiple albums arriving before 2018 hits.

A few days ago, on his snapchat account, ScHoolboy Q posted up a photo of himself in a studio with an engineer. However, a random trip to his studio wasn’t the case, as Hoover Q confirmed that he was planning to drop a new album later this year. The untitled project is set to serve as a follow-up to last year’s Blank Face LP project, which we’re assuming more news will arrive in the coming months. (On Smash)


In mid-December, Q said he would go back into music-making mode for the new year.



Last summer, Q announced something extremely personal had happened in his life in the wake of his Blank Face album release.

“First off, I just want to say there’s a lot of stuff going on. It ain’t just about me and my music. It’s tough times right now. So I’ve just been trying to stay off the Internet as much as possible and I’ma wait for the feedback a little later. I’m going through some things in my personal life and a lot of things just crashed in on me the day my album dropped and it’s kind of hard for me right now to enjoy this moment. This is probably one of the worst days in my life and it happens to be the day that my album came out. So it’s a little hard for me right now.” (Real 92.3)

ScHoolboy also admitted he briefly retired from the rap game in 2015.

“I took a break from music to the point I quit. I didn’t even tell people I was retired or tell Top [Dawg] or Interscope. It was just a thing like, ‘I’m never going to give them an album so they’ll get the point.’ Then I just woke up one day and I just put the studio in the crib and was like, ‘I’d rather just do it that way.’ I was just in the growing up stage. I’ll be 30 in October. I know I look 45, it’s OK. I’ll be 30 in October. When you hit that age, it’s like you’ve seen things twice. … Life is changing and I’m really not a gangbanger anymore but I wanted to let people know that.” (Real 92.3)