Houston rap legend Scarface recently talked about how much he is stepping his rap bars up and why the hip-hop game should be wary of longtime pal Beanie Sigel‘s pending return from jail. #FreeBeans

In Face Mob’s opinion, Sigel is going to hit the rap game hard once he completes time on a tax-related conviction.

“Every song that you hear from me, from now on, is going to be meant with malicious intent, everything that’s coming out of my mouth,” Face said in an interview with DJ Whoo Kid. “It’s going to be, you know, okay? I’m gonna be straigth up f*cking real with you, man. It’s gonna be tough to f*ck with that boy, man. I’m telling you, go get ’em. I know when he get out, every lyric he spits is gonna be with malicious intent. It’s gonna be hard to f*ck with that boy, too. Yeah, man. [laughs]” (“Whoolywood Shuffle”)

Last August, photos of Beans sporting a beard alongside fellow inmates emerged online.

Beanie Sigel Released New Pics From Prison. He’s Serving 24-Months at Federal Detention Center in Philadelphia!! — Photos Inside — Sigel was arrested on a drug possession charge while traveling to a concert in New Jersey on August 15, 2009. Police found nearly 50 grams of marijuana in his vehicle. In 2010, Sigel was charged with three counts of failing to file tax returns on income of over $1 million between 2003-2005. Sigel pled guilty to the charges and was sentenced to 24 months in prison. He reported to prison on September 12, 2012. (Hip Hop News 24//7)

A week prior, Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill hopped onto his Instagram page to give support with a photo of the jailed 39-year-old.

“Free b-Mac #philly #standtall ain’t to many other rappers I respect from here n*gga made a “real lane for Philly”,” Meek wrote on Instagram July 31. (Meek Mill’s Instagram)

In summer 2012, fellow Philly rapper Cassidy spoke to SOHH about Sigel’s legal woes.

“Yeah, that’s a sad situation because you know Beanie is from my city. He was one of the first cats to get on and get it popping and take it to a whole other level, and he’s really lyrical,” Cass told SOHH. “It’s sad that he has to go away for the [tax evasion conviction] situation. Everything happens for a reason, so hopefully he’ll be able to build from the time where he’s sitting down. Be able to develop. Learn more about himself. Learn more how to move when he finally gets the opportunity to get back out here, so when he does get back out here he can take it to a whole other level. That’s definitely sad. I don’t wish nobody to go to jail. I’ve been there before. I know what that life’s like, and it definitely ain’t a fun place to be so it’s sad to see him have to go away.” (SOHH)


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