Houston rap veteran Scarface recently talked about the injustice going down in the United States for African Americans and stressed his problems with police brutality.

In Face Mob’s perspective, he feels blacks will never win any wars against unjust law enforcement.

“I look back at the public hangings – I feel like we’re being hunted, you know? And yeah, I’m not cool with it. It’s like the society believes what the officers say, you know, and he’s got way more of a reason to lie than we do, than I do. You killed that man. And he don’t even get a day in court. Well, not that the judicial system is set up for us to benefit from in any f*cking way. You dead on both sides, man. You are.” (Huffington Post Live)

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Face also said Americans should not accept the possibility of even one injustice slipping through the cracks.

“I want people to open up on both sides,” Face added. “Open up your eyes and your mind and realize that one injustice is too many. If you pick a fight with him and he beats your a**, you can’t kill him. You gotta shake that hand and take that a** whooping and say ‘I’m not gonna f*ck with you no more.'” (Huffington Post Live)

Back in December, West Coast rapper Game joined an anti-police brutality rally in California.

The Game, Tyga and DJ Mustard were among the multitude who shut down traffic marching against police brutality. The peaceful protest started at Pan Pacific Park and thousands of fed up citizens moved through the streets carrying signs, singing and chanting for justice. (XXL Mag)

Last year, rap veteran Nas talked about the importance of educating youth face-to-face amid widespread protests.

“That’s just embarrassing. I’m one of the guys that’s out there saying, ‘Listen. It has to stop.’ It’s important that every time I see a black child I look him or her in the eyes and say, ‘This is your world. You’re a king or a queen.’ Everything else was telling them they were slaves. It’s important for them to know the history of black children doesn’t start in this great country.” (TIME)