Houston rapper Scarface has dropped a serious bombshell on fans. The rap legend went online Thursday to announce he has tested positive for the coronavirus.

Big Facts

Face Mob linked up with Geto Boys’ Willie D to break the news to fans. Face appeared on a livestream and explained his situation to his longtime supporters and concerned peers.

“This whole three weeks has been an ordeal – it’s the craziest sh*t I’ve ever done and seen in my life. I’ve been to the point where I just felt like I was gonna die, bro. I threw up so much – like hot sauce. Like your gases and sh*t in your stomach, acids, it’s hot. I didn’t have no food in my stomach. It was coming up like vile – they wasn’t my first test I took. They had lost my test some kind of way and then they swabbed me again right before I left and called me last night around 11:30 and said I had coronavirus.”

High-Key Details

Scarface also provided some details about getting tested. Face also told people not to take any chances and consider the COVID-19 epidemic serious.

“The hospital rooms didn’t have toilets. Your sh*tter was the end of the cabinet. Like a jail house. You pull it out and a metal toilet comes out – I got the feeling really, really, bad, Will, and it started off with pneumonia in both of my lungs and then three, four days later my kidneys fell. Then three or four days later after that they tell me I can’t move and I’m quarantine. … They’re saying stay away from everybody. You can’t come visit me now, bruh. … We gotta stay away from each other. … It’s a cold thing, big homie. It’s cold, man.”

Wait, There’s More

Over the past 24 hours, fellow Houston rapper Slim Thug has shared clips showing fans how he’s dealing with his current predicament. In one clip, he’s chilling outside getting plenty of sunlight and another one has him inhaling steamed orange peels after announcing he tested positive for COVID-19.

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Before You Go

This week, Slim went all-out to make a big statement to his doubters. Thugger shared cringe footage of himself getting tested for COVID-19.

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