Houston rapper Scarface has made a rare social media appearance to kill a deadly rumor. The hip-hop pioneer has shut down rumors claiming he’s suffering from lung cancer.

This past Sunday, Face Mob went to Twitter to put a swift end to the gossip.

Over the weekend, reports emerged about Scarface fighting for his life.

Scarface is fighting for his life against an aggressive and deadly form of cancer, a source close to the rapper tells BOSSIP. The veteran Houston rapper is battling lung cancer after years of “chain-smoking” cigarettes and marijuana, according to a source close to the star. Scarface, whose real name is Brad T. Jordan, has reportedly been receiving treatment for the lung disease in his native Houston at Memorial Hermann Medical Center, which is renown for exceptional oncological care, the source said. (Bossip)

Last month, Geto BoysWillie D announced group founder DJ Ready Red‘s unexpected death.

“What’s up family? Bad news. DJ Ready Red died today of an apparent heart attack. Red is the Geto Boys’ first deejay and producer. He gave us our sound. He was responsible for most of the production on the early stuff and all of the production on my first album, Controversy. To say he was a pioneer would be an understatement. Red was before his time. There’s a lot of producers today that are eating off of Red and don’t even know why their bellies are full. So I just wanted to drop that on y’all real quick, let you know what’s going on and let you know we lost a real one. DJ Ready Red. The musical enforcer. Rest in peace homie. One more time.”

The news sparked a heartfelt reaction from UGK’s Bun B.