West Coast rapper Saweetie is letting fans into her personal life. The hip-hop entertainer went online this week to share a gripping story about how much she rides for her true day one, grandma.

Saweetie x Grandma

On Saturday, Saw hit up Instagram to let followers know she looks at her grandma as much more than a family member. She credited her for delivering pure motivation and becoming a vital bestie in her life.

“Storytiiiiiime 😍 My grandma won Miss Black Nebraska back in her day 💅🏽💅🏽 She has been so influential in my life from always staying fly to breaking glass ceilings!!! She has navigated through life with such grace and knows everything about me lol. She’s my bestie I love her so much don’t what I would do without her FaceTime calls. I love u G baby!! Thank you for always keeping my head up🤎🤎🤎” -Saweetie’s Instagram

“Wow” -Quavo

High-Key Details

The California native recently went online with encouraging words. In addition to revealing her own name, she stressed the importance of Black women having proper respect for their own titles.

“DIAMONTÉ QUIAVA VALENTIN HARPER. & don’t forget the accent heaux!” -Saweetie’s Instagram

“Your parents meant business with that one!!” -Gabrielle Union

Wait, There’s More

In late May 2020, Saweetie went to her Instagram page with ample moments from her Memorial Day Weekend. The shots featured her chilling with rap star boyfriend Quavo, living it up in a pool and clocking in friendship goals.

“best Memorial Day everrrrrrr ❤️💙❤️💙❤️” -Saweetie’s Instagram

“Lol my legs drunk in that chicken fight @jharp2 🤣” -Quavo

“I Love y’all 😻” -Lil’ Kim

Saweetie enjoys her vacation

“Wow why they let me chill in the pool w my phone like that 😭😭!!! Anyways this my caption: west coast mami 🌴✨💙”

“Ok I’m tappin out y’all I been doing theeee most all day now Qua gotta take care of me 😭🤪🥰🥳😜😙❤️”

Before You Go

Recently, Quavo shared a super gushy shot alongside his boo. The pic featured him and Saweetie clocking in major relationship goals together.

“My Flame 🔥” -Quavo’s Instagram

“I Love you baby!!!! Thank you for this weekend 💋💋 now we back to work 🦦❤️” -Saweetie

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My Flame 🔥

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Before You Go

A few nights prior, Saw jumped onto her Instagram page to flex her traits as a Cancer. The 26-year-old shared a sneak peek into how she acts on the regular.

“Lol this me & @whitneyharp to the mf T !!! 😂😂 all my pretty cancers tap in & drop ya birthday 🦦🎂💕💅🏽” -Saweetie’s Instagram