[With a long-awaited and highly-anticipated “Thinning out the Heard” album finally here today (August 5), rapper Saint Joe tells us how the new project came into existence.]

I wrote my first album a while ago called “Casket Mart” and if you’re a fan of the 90’s, it was just unstructured madness to an art form that I feel is semi-lost due to the Internet and YouTube.

When I grew up, I didn’t have the Internet so I had to walk to the library and read sh*t, things that aren’t normal these days. After “Casket Mart,” I put out a mixtape called the “Mortuary Mixtape.”

I felt like it was a pretty solid effort for where I was at the time. I’m always three years behind on the release because of how long it takes to get a project out.

So I was going to go with “An Army of One,” which was going to be the name of the second project, the second album. Then I decided I was going to put out another mixtape instead and it was going to be called “The Mortuary Mixtape Part 2,” and as I was putting it together, it was starting to become something different.

I was doing a lot of shows, somewhere around 400 shows in 2 years. So at the time, I’m a nobody and meeting all of these people by opening at all of these shows.

So I started coming up with the name, “Thinning of the Heard.” I liked the wordplay of it. It was dope. We started looking at the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and the Google ranking and there was nothing that I had seen that was called the same thing and with the same words in the same market.

Thinning out the ‘heard’ really is about getting rid of the sound of everything that sucks. That’s how the name of the album came to be.

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