In honor of Valentine’s Day, Saigon, Keri Hilson, Big Sean, Lloyd and more have told SOHH about their celebrity crushes and how they’d like to spend the evening with them if given the opportunity.

While New York’s Saigon may have wooed the ladies of his native Brooklyn neighborhood, the “Yard Father” said his dream Valentine’s Day date is located in the ATL.

“If I could choose any lady in the world for Valentine’s Day, it would be Keri Hilson,” Sai revealed. “Tell her I said that. [laughs] Tell her I love her. I love Keri Hilson. [Women like her] always say they like bad boys until they call and ask them for bail money. [laughs] Where would I take her for our date? Hmmm. Where would I take Keri Hilson on Valentine’s Day? I’d take her to the pad, man. We’re going to the crib just in case I don’t get this opportunity again. So I would try to seal the deal. One night, one shot, one kill. Tell her she’s on my mind all the time.” (SOHH)

While Keri Hilson is still a bachelorette, her eyes are on somebody outside of the music industry.

“I don’t really know who I’d pick for Valentine’s Day,” Hilson confessed. “I guess the closet would be [model] Tyson Beckford, maybe. I don’t know him personally, so it’s purely off of looks. I only know him in passing and I think he’s adorable. That’s it. He’s somebody who in high school and in college I really had a crush on. So it would be him and where would we go? Hmm. Bowling.” (SOHH)

Keeping things within the music industry, G.O.O.D. Music’s Big Sean has eyes for the leading Young Money lady.

“For Valentine’s Day, I would want to go with Nicki Minaj to my house,” Sean admitted. “I would make dinner. I know how to cook. I cook almost every day. Yeah man, I love cooking. That’s actually one of my passions. I think I’m gonna start a cooking show one of these days. My favorite is pasta. I love making spaghettis and macaroni. So I’d probably do something like that with some asparagus. Something on the side, maybe some chicken. Some weed brownies at the end.” (SOHH)

R&B crooner Lloyd hopes to get up and personal with sultry video vixen known for her naughty side.

“Yeah, I’d take Rihanna to the sex store,” Lloyd jokingly revealed. “Nah [seriously], I’d take Rihanna to the adult story so she could pick out a toy since she likes s&m so much. You know.” (SOHH)

Midwest rapper XV also named RiRi as his V-Day hopeful.

“Man, the biggest crush right now, I would have to say that girl Rihanna,” XV revealed. “Yeah, Rihanna’s got this red hair right now and it’s just kind of working…I was never a big fan of Rihanna but I saw this picture of her [last Christmas] and she was real laid back and I was like, ‘That chick’s bad.’ [laughs] … She seems like she might be really cool. That’s the thing that’s really dope about her.” (SOHH)

R&B newcomer Kevin Cossom dipped into MILF territory by naming a 45-year-old Hollywood beauty.

“She’s been the one for so long, but I might have to go with Stacey Dash,” Cossom revealed. “She’s bad. You feel me? That’s a big crush. She’s still sexy, from those Clueless days. She’s still got it. I was watching [Kanye West‘s] ‘All Fall Downs’ music video the other day too. Yeah. She was, whooo. I live in Miami, so for Valentine’s Day, I would probably take her to the beach and get something to eat. Maybe take her around the art district and show her some art.” (SOHH)

Cali Swag District’s Yung also kept it Hollywood by naming one of the Kardashian sisters as his V-Day desire number one.

“For me, any Valentine’s Day date, I would say Kim Kardashian,” Yung said. “I would take her to The Cheesecake Factory, to the movies and then whatever else she wants to do. You know what I mean? Because it’s ‘her’ day. And she knows how to Dougie. We taught her, so she learned from Cali Swag District how to Dougie. She’s got it.” (SOHH)

Lastly, Tom Hanks‘ son, actor/rapper Chet Haze would like to satisfy his palate with one of the  Victoria’s Secret Angels.

“I’d probably go with Adriana Lima,” Chet revealed. “I’d just take her out to a nice dinner at a nice restaurant. I would probably definitely go with Italian food. There’s so many good dishes, it’s so hard to choose.” (SOHH)

Happy Valentine’s Day from the SOHH staff!