New York rapper Saigon responded to Mobb Deep’s Prodigy, in light of recent disses made toward him, claiming P has been secretly trying to mend their past feud.

Sai specifically questioned P’s motivation to take shots at him in his new My Infamous Life book and during a recent sit-down with

“While Prodigy was locked up, they was trying to bait me into talking reckless about him. Every time somebody interviewed me, I had nothing but good things to say,” Saigon said. “Then he comes out, not only in the book, but in an interview recently up at This Is 50, he’s talkin’ reckless again.” (MTV)

Sai said P has been reaching out to mend their past issues but also using the media to taunt him.

“That’s why I don’t understand. He’s texting me sayin’, ‘I’m tellin’ Alchemist we should do a song and just to squash the beef,’ ” Saigon revealed. “And then he goes, does an interview and starts dissin’ me again. So I’m like, ‘I understand you got a book to sell; I got an album to sell, The Greatest Story Never Told, but I’m not trying to use you to sell my album, man.’ … I left it alone. It’s three years ago, homey. I understand that people bring it up, it’s newsworthy, but downplay it like I’ve been doing all these years while you been in jail.” (MTV)

A few weeks ago, SOHH hit up Prodigy to see if he was on good terms with Sai since completing a three year jail sentence last March.

“I haven’t really been thinking about that, really, to tell you the truth,” P told SOHH when asked about reconciling with Saigon. “It would be nice, you know what I’m saying? It would be a good thing if we did that but it’s just kind of weird to me. You know what I’m saying? It’s kind of weird to me. That’s definitely not something I’m interested in right now. You know what I’m saying? I’m trying to really focus on this Mobb Deep thing and this album. I’ll definitely try to improve and fix relationships with certain people, so maybe sometime in the near future that could happen. You know what I mean?” (SOHH)

Last month, P struck fans’ ears after sharing his thoughts on Sai.

“To tell you the truth, we ain’t even worried about that,” P said in an interview. “He’s a flea. You know what I’m saying? On some real sh*t. Like, he’s a nobody. Like, we ain’t worried about him. He’s not even the type of rapper that I would want to do a song with. You know what I’m saying? Like, that’s how corny he is to me. I ain’t really worried about him. He has no power or strength in the streets. He’s not on our level at all.” (This Is 50)

Check out Prodigy speaking on Saigon below: