R&B singer Sage The Gemini has come forward to let the world know how much he misses his former girlfriend Jordin Sparks this week.

Sage penned an emotionally-driven note to Sparks on his Instagram page Tuesday (February 16).

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Buzz behind Sparks and Sage calling it quits surfaced online a few days ago.

Jordin Sparks is officially a single lady. The singer and her boyfriend, Sage the Gemini have split, a source confirms to PEOPLE. Sparks confirmed her relationship with the rapper last May. (People)

Sage claimed various posts about being an unfaithful man has sparked a decision to delete Twitter and Instagram accounts last July.

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Sage recently talked about hooking up with the R&B beauty.

“Have you ever heard Jordin Sparks sing acapella? You have to, she’s like one of the best, and I’m not just saying that because she’s my girlfriend. But we ended up doing this song, “Gasoline” that’s on her album. And we were looking at each other and I was just trying to hold it together, she was holding it together. We were in the studio and I was stuttering and her Mom was talking to me and I had to wait because she was in there. But long story short, she finally came out and we finally met. We were like damn we’re kind of cute!” (Soo Detroit)