R&B singer Sage The Gemini is a new daddy on the low-low. Gossip reports claim the crooner and an unnamed woman have welcomed a baby into the world.

A picture has surfaced of Sage’s alleged new baby and its name.

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Last summer, buzz developed across social media about Sage having a new bundle of joy on the way.

Bay Area rapper Sage the Gemini appears to have another baby on the way! Now Sage got dumped last year by Jordin Sparks for getting his ex girlfriend pregnant, so it is safe to say the boy’s seeds are very active! (KMEL)

Looks like #SageTheGemini might be having another baby on the way 👀🤔

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Last month, the hitmaker sent some love to reality TV star Toya Wright.



In 2016, Sage’s ex-fiancée Curium leaked a private phone conversation where he called his relationship with former bae Jordin Sparks a publicity stunt.

“I can put that on my motherf*cking daughter,” Gemini said in the phone conversation. “That sh*t was fake or whatever. Really what I was doing was calling you, I haven’t heard your voice in a really long time. I wanted to call to let you know I miss you like that. All the sh*t went South. … Those are pictures [of me and Jordin]. Everything was f*cking horrible – I wanted to stab her. Don’t get me wrong, she cool – but she’s not no regular person. I can’t call her like, ‘Hey, I want to go pick you up. I had a bad dream, I want you to stay next to me. I can’t do that. But everybody on the outside looking in, ‘Ah yeah, they’re hella perfect.’ … Remember I deleted my Instagram once, then my manager was like ‘No, bring it back. How is your album going to sell? How are you going to put an album out?’ … Now publicists were meeting with publicists because her album was coming out and then my album was finna come out – the next day, when they post that, all of a sudden, I get a text from you and I’m saying, ‘What is you talking about?’ … I didn’t find out because I wasn’t going on my Instagram and I didn’t find out until later.” (YouTube)