“Love & Hip Hop” couple Safaree Samuels and Erica Mena aren’t backing down. The music pair have fired back at shade aimed at them from rap artist Khia for joining the OnlyFans movement.

The Samuels

On Monday, both Safaree and Erica lit up Khia for dogging them out about joining the premium network. They also revealed how much money they’ve generated since launching their OnlyFans pages.

“Wayment! #Safaree and #EricaMena post their earnings from #OnlyFans after #Khia blasted them for making the accounts in the first place!” -TSR’s Instagram

Big Mad

Hours prior, Khia woke up the Internet by getting at Safaree and Mena. She ripped them for digging into their fans’ pockets with OnlyFans.

Khia may have hit the nail on the head by publicly asking these two why in the world they are on an adult entertainment sites. The rappers rant was featured on her talk show Khia Gaga Order on YouTube. the rant started with Khi asking “didn’t these motherf***ers just get married not even a year ago and have a newborn baby girl and theses mother***ers making fans only and Porn Hub account.” She bangs her gavel in process. “we the people want to know why you two motherf***ers got married and out her dry begging?” (The Blast)

Wait, There’s More

In April 2020, buzz developed about Safaree joining the OnlyFans movement. Reports claim he initially charged $20 to see his content.

That’s the question a number of fans are asking after a “Love & Hip-Hop” star announced that he’s joining a popular (possibly pornographic) paid subscription content service. Safaree knows he broke the Internet’s cervix in 2018 when nudes leaked of hie enormous Jamrock junk. Since then he’s played up the chatter around it by announcing a collaboration with a sex toy line (he’s since pulled out, no pun) and even got his wife Erica Mena in on the action. (Newsbreak)

Before You Go

Outside of the drama, Safaree has gushed over his love for Mena.

“My dream that became a reality. I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. I love you my queen my wife my 1st and only baby momma 😝 sometimes I look at you and cant believe it all turned out the way it has. Quarantine had made you wanna killa me 🤣 but this love is forever! We’re gonna always build and build and build. Mother’s Day is everyday. 🌹” -Safaree Samuels’ Instagram