New York rapper Safaree Samuels is enjoying one of the most publicized weeks of his life. The hip-hop star has his up social media to let fans know how he’s rebounding off a now-infamous nude leak.

Early Saturday, Safaree went to Instagram to announce he signed his first-ever breast.

A few hours ago, footage emerged of Safaree getting extra cozy with “Love & Hip Hop” star JuJu.

#PressPlay: Okay!! #Safaree & #JuJu 👀👀

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Heading into the weekend, Samuels admitted his “anaconda” kept ex-girlfriend Nicki Minaj from initially leaving him.

“I don’t know, how do you know if she even knows or not? The funny thing is, she used to always say to me that, ‘If you didn’t have that thing I would have been left you.’ She would be cracking up laughing when she said it to me. I definitely do not want to do porn but some porn company reached out too. I don’t understand these people. Something leaks and then you guys want to ask the guy [to do porn]. I don’t want to do porn. I want to do music and TV and entertainment movies.” (TMZ)

This week, Samuels came forward to break his silence on the now-infamous leak.

“This is the first time I’ve left my crib since it happened. That’s not something I want out there. My nieces, they follow me, they watch everything I do. People who think I did it, I’m trying to do stuff for promo, that’s not [the case]. … That came from my Snapchat. … I’m not gonna lie, ’cause when it happened – the way my phone and everything was going off because I was shooting a video and my joint – pause – my Instagram, my phone, everything was just going crazy. I was just like, ‘Please, tell me that it’s not real.’ Something like this happened before but it was a fake picture. That wasn’t really me but when I seen this, I was just like, you know. I didn’t send that to somebody in Snap. You know how sometimes you make something and save it – I didn’t take a picture of my meat, I took a picture of myself. … I didn’t do that and say, ‘Okay, I’m going to put this out.’ … Why randomly now would I go and do that?” (“The Breakfast Club”)