RZA Reveals Why He Green Lighted Fan-Made “A Better Tomorrow” Music Video

Written By Cyrus Langhorne

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[With Wu-Tang Clan making a statement by not appearing in their “A Better Tomorrow” music video and, instead, focusing on protests, group leader RZA speaks to SOHH readers about its creation.]

That “A Better Tomorrow” music video was made by a young man that was inspired by our music and he sent it to the label.

The label sent it to me and they needed approval. To me, that’s proof of the mission. I didn’t sit there and put that altogether. That’s something he was inspired to do. He put the hours and days to put that together.

I didn’t do that. That’s what I appreciate about it and that’s why I gave it the green light. That let me know the music to inspire a better tomorrow is working.

Look at the video for “Ruckus In B Minor.” Those kids were from Poland and they got it a few days earlier than in America and they went out with their spray paint and showed how they felt.

It’s different to us. So forget all that stuff about Wu-Tang doing million dollar videos. The people are inspired from their own love of it and so whether it’s those Polish kids who did it by looking at the album cover and taking that energy to put that video together to send it to me or the young man who had the “A Better Tomorrow” video sent to Warner Bros, of course I had my comments and had a few little changes, but that’s what A Better Tomorrow is about.

Somebody is going to hear that song “Miracle” and they’re going to feel it. They’re going to see the movie in it.

Check out “A Better Tomorrow” right here:

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Written by Cyrus Langhorne

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