Wu-Tang Clan leader RZA has revealed plans to put out a secret collaborative effort from his fellow brethren and not only market it as a form of art but ask for bids in the millions.

If all goes accordingly, “Bobby Digital” said his crew’s LP would go on a promotional run before being offered to the highest bidder.

According to RZA and the album’s main producer Tarik “Cilvaringz” Azzougarh, a Morocco-based part of Wu-Tang’s extended family, the plan is to first take Once Upon A Time In Shaolin on a “tour” through museums, galleries, festivals and the like. Just like a high-profile exhibit at a major institution, there will be a cost to attend, likely in the $30-$50 range. Visitors will go through heavy security to ensure that recording devices aren’t smuggled in; as an extra precaution, they’ll likely have to listen to the 128-minute album’s 31 songs on headphones provided by the venue. As Cilvaringz puts it: “One leak of this thing nullifies the entire concept.” (Forbes)

Instead of throwing an average price tag or making mass amounts of the project, RZA will only allow one release be made available for purchase.

Once the album completes its excursion, Wu-Tang will make it available for purchase for a price “in the millions.” Suitors could include brands willing to shell out for cool points and free publicity (just as Samsung spent $5 million to buy copies of Jay Z‘s latest album for its users) or major record labels hoping to launch the album through the usual channels (they’re used to paying top acts seven-figure advances). (Forbes)

Coincidentally, the Wu and fellow veteran rap crew The LOX‘s new Wu Block 2 cover art surfaced online last weekend.

Talk about a surprise. D-Block combined forces with Wu-Tang Clan on a joint self-titled LP Wu Block back in 2012 and looks like they are planning their follow up to be released on May 20th. The artwork along with track list and preview of the songs went up on Juno Download without many noticing. The 15 song album features the usual suspects like Ghostface, Masta Killa, The LOX and more. Peep the full list below along with preview of ‘Can’t Be Looking For Me’ featuring LOX. (HHNM)

Despite growing fan anticipation, the Wu’s Method Man recently said the lack of pressure from a major record label has helped his crew put together a reunion album.

“We don’t have that problem no more. So, now, my writing, I could take more time with it ’cause I don’t have a date hanging over my f*cking head and sh*t. The pen is just so much mightier now, I think that I’m at my writing peak, there is no age-limit on spitting,” Method Man said about label obligations. “But there is an age-limit on this business as far as being an artist and jumping your a** up on stage and doing your thing. By the time we get to the age that we’re at, yes, we’re touring and sh*t like, but we’re touring because there’s a want and need for that aspect of the music at that point in time.” (BREAL.TV)