Wu-Tang Clan leader RZA is letting the world know it’s about to be Yeezy Season. The hip-hop veteran recently talked about his relationship with Kanye West and revealed fans should gear up for some G.O.O.D. Music.

According to Bobby Digital, the duo talked less than two weeks ago and he noticed Ye is in hit-making mode.

“Yeah, we actually had a great conversation recently, not even 10 days ago. He’s in a great place, yo. He’s in a great place, great place. [New music? No, I didn’t hear no new music but I guess he was like, ‘RZA came in, I’m exposing my sh*t.’ [laughs] But nah, what I did see was he had two ASRs [Automated speech recognition] in the studio. Not one. The ASR is like an official 90’s hip-hop-producing machine. It has a certain sound, certain sonic and he had two of them set up in the studio, so, he’s about to get busy.” (Power 106 FM)

Back in August, buzz developed over Kanye West low-key putting together a secret project with former G.O.O.D. Music artist Kid Cudi.

According to a source, the new project is so secret, “they’re going to drop some crazy collaboration out of the blue,” an insider told us. “They’re going to drop some surprise project on everybody. They’re recording it now.” They’re keeping the lid so tight that “nobody knows what it is — or what it sounds like . . . There are no professionals in the room. It’s just Cudi, Kanye and an engineer. They’re recording together in Japan.” (Page Six)

Earlier the same month, Cudder and Kanye sparked social media’s attention during a Japan visit.


The rumours of a possible collaboration were also fuelled last week when Japanese artist Takashi Murakami shared a photo of the two visiting his studio in Los Angeles. (NME)