RZA Reveals How You Can Get New Wu-Tang Tunes Before Everyone Else

Written By Cyrus Langhorne

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[SOHH and select media outlets had the pleasure of joining a panel with Wu-Tang Clan leader RZA and Boombotix executive Mustafa Shaikh where they discussed a sold-out 20th Anniversary Wu-Tang speaker. Bobby Digital dishes on what advantage fans have in buying the speaker ahead of the upcoming A Better Tomorrow album’s release.]

I think there’s a couple of variables to considering buying the Boombotix speaker as opposed to the physical [A Better Tomorrow] CD.

One variable, of course, is being first is always a cool thing to be. A fan of anything wants to be the first. So getting to have something first exclusively is a draw. But also I think the format of what you’re buying is important. You get it in the form of the bluetooth speaker and the sound is incredible. I think it puts something tangible back inside of the consumer.

Even if they ordered it online or they’re buying it inside a store, anyway they get it, I think the tangibility is some of the attraction of the product. Beside the cool factor, just look at how it clips onto your belt or it clips onto your bookbag, it has a cool factor within itself.

You’re getting some exclusive music first from your favorite artists in a unique package and format that’s dope. I think it’s something that draws the consumer.

I gave one of the speakers to Sam Rockwell for a movie I did with him and he’s never heard Wu-Tang music before. I said, ‘Here, take this thing and you can play with it and work with it.’

When he first got it, I gave him the instructions on how to use it. Then the next day he hit me up and said, “Man! This thing is loud! We’re having a party in my trailer!” He was just excited and the music was cool.

His first experience with Wu-Tang music was through the Boombotix. I think it’s also a testament to how loud the speaker is and the sound that comes out of it.

I think the consumer will feel happy to buy it in this format.

Check out more info on the Wu-Tang Boombotix speaker by clicking here.

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Written by Cyrus Langhorne

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  1. Damn Sam Rockwell is slippin…….what I wanna know is when’s the vinyl of the Wu album coming out?

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