[With the long-awaited Wu-Tang Clan’s A Better Tomorrow selling nearly 22,000 copies in its first week of availability, group leader RZA gives SOHH his reaction and talks about the LP’s true motivation.]

Look, people like to sell a lot of records. It’s an ego-booster. It’s a lot of things. It is what it is.

But for me, there were two reasons to do an album. The first was to celebrate and commemorate 20 years in the business, still being healthy, still being capable and able to show these minds that were great were made to be great. It wasn’t a fluke.

The second reason was to potentially inspire a better tomorrow into somebody else. I don’t doubt that there’s an emcee that’s in our business that also has this record. He’s one of 25,000 kids.

If he gets it, then he’s really going to get it. That person will come out with an album for this generation that will resonate in their minds because he listened to us. If I’m saying it, it’s like your father’s saying it and then you get your friend to say it. So maybe a 22-year-old rapper or 25-year-old rapper might say, “Yo, this is what the gods are trying to say.” He got it.

That’s what Wu-Tang’s always been about. We not only inspire the fans and the people who write about it, but we inspire the musicians themselves.

My goal was to inspire a better tomorrow. It’s another dosage of Wu-Tang. Of course I grew up eating curry goat and jerk chicken when I was young. We’d kill a pig, put him on a stick and roast that motherf*cker. Now I’m a vegan. I don’t eat dead animals. I grew out of that sh*t and it’s better. It’s better for me and it’s better for my family and I’m conscious of that.

Now, I may be selling you vegetables right now. You might think, “I want a McDonalds burger.” The other guy might be like, “Go ahead and eat that burger but you’re going to need those vegetables, kid.” It’s better for you.

There’s more nutrients. I think that’s what this album is. It’s more nutritious. You don’t gotta shake your head to it, you can sit back and listen and listen to these grown men talking to you.

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