[With Wu-Tang Clan’s A Better Tomorrow album finally on store shelves this month, group leader RZA talks to SOHH about one publication’s misconception of their “Miracle” song.]

SPIN Magazine wrote something about “Miracle” that made me laugh. They gave A Better Tomorrow a pretty bad review.

I saw some of the reviews, Artist Direct gave me five out of five. Then SPIN Magazine came with two and a half out of five. I was like, “Oh sh*t. I wonder what made them say that?”

So I read the sh*t and they said, “And then the song ‘Miracle,’ it sounds like an old Disney reject. It sounds like that.” I laughed and was like, “Oh sh*t. They’re so stupid.” I made it Disney. That’s the idea.

It starts off with this big guy with a big dream. The guy is even singing it in a Disney key. I told them that’s how I wanted them to sing it. I had the girl back it up like when you watch a Disney movie and the girl backs it up with the Lion King getting ready to become the Lion King. Everything looks like it’s going to be positive.

Then all of a sudden it’s like, “My girl got killed, it’s still a cold world, other day I had to bury my homegirl.”

It ain’t no f*cking miracle. On the song, they bring it back to reality. Then Ghostface comes on at the end of the song and talks about the optimism. We’re crying. He’s saying, “God – we need a miracle.”

We need something kid.

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