[SOHH and select media outlets had the pleasure of joining a panel with Wu-Tang Clan leader RZA and Boombotix executive Mustafa Shaikh where they discussed a sold-out 20th Anniversary Wu-Tang speaker. Bobby Digital dished on his plan to unite Wu tunes with the tech company.]

What we’re doing here, I’m very excited about.

It’s a collaboration between Boombotix and Wu-Tang. We found a way to get music out to fans in a unique way, a new way, and also to bring back a tangible way to get music. There’s been nothing tangible about it.

As a guy who has been in the music industry for a long time, I’ve seen how it’s gone from vinyl to cassettes to CDs to what we have now, the digital downloads. Being a music lover, I’m happy to get music any way I can get it. But what’s missing, to me, is [not having] something tangible.

Being able to have something in my hands, something I could feel, and so I came across the Boombotix speaker, The REX. I was impressed by it. I was impressed by the sound and look of it. I saw the speaker being a potential vehicle to initiate the idea of bringing tangibility back to the music. It’s a very portable device, very durable, very useable. Useable in the sense that it’s already connected to today’s technology as a speaker.

You can use it for anything you want but there’s something else that stuck me about it. I thought, “What if my music was already embedded into the speaker? What if when you bought this speaker, you’d have a whole new album from your favorite artists?” That’s something I’ve thought about for almost a year.

So when I came across the Boombotix and saw what they were doing, it seemed like a great idea. We got on the phone together, talked and discussed it. Our initial talk was about getting the Wu-Tang logo on the speaker. Finding the right person, company and look for the Wu-Tang symbol was one thing but this other idea that was bugging in my head, I said I wanted to put the content on the speaker.

Now here we are with the Boombotix Wu-Tang speaker.

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