[With a highly-anticipated Thing of Beauty street album arriving September 7th, Massachusetts native Ryan Mass officially premieres his infectious "This Is All Night” music video and talks to SOHH about putting together this club banger.]

I’ve been doing this for a little bit and I’ve seen the game change a lot. As far as my feelings are, the club aspect of things is where it’s at.

People want to go out, have a good time and dance. So I wanted to give something to them that they could use to get rid of their week and their long-term work ethic.

This record is really what we’re reaching for with my upcoming album, Thing of Beauty, which is dropping September 7. It’s going to be really big as far as myself and it’s going to be something where you can leave all of your troubles and bills behind and get lit, dance and have a good time.


I want to give a shout-out to Bar 74 in Lowell, Mass, that’s where I’m from. They let us use the venue and they’re very nice over there. The service is very nice so I want to give a shout-out to Bar 74 in Lowell, Mass. That’s where we shot the video and it went very well.

We put a tracklist together for the album and we did our final takes and make a decision on what’s going on at the moment and the hottest record that we think is going to get the biggest push we go with to promote the album.

The club stuff right now is a priority. I’ve done a lot of aspects of hip-hop and I feel like the dance and club stuff is popping off right now and I see the future of hip-hop really taking a turn to that.

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