Oklahoma City Thunder‘s Russell Westbrook can’t get enough of Kendrick Lamar‘s new “The Heart Part 4.” The NBA superstar has reacted to hearing the new anthem and getting name-dropped on it.

During a live press conference, Westbrook boasted over the new audio gem.

“Yeah, yeah [I heard the new song.] K. Dot’s my man. That’s my guy, represent West Coast. I love him. [Surprised hearing my name on the song?] I was surprised. I’m happy. You know what it is? Whenever you hear your name on a song, you feel like I made it. I feel like I made it, especially from my man, so, [laughs]”

#RussellWestbrook says he feels like he made it after #KendrickLamar referenced him in his new song

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Radio veteran Funk Flex took aim at rap star Drake this week over K. Dot allegedly dissing him on the nes track.

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Some media outlets pointed out K. Dot’s lines about rap mogul Jay Z connected to Drake.

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