Hip-Hop mogul Russell Simmons recently shared his thoughts on the current hip-hop beef between rap stars 50 Cent and Rick Ross.

The Def Jam Records co-founder has expressed his hope of the battle coming to an end in the near future.

“If it’s like pro wrestling, if that’s how they view themselves, then it’s part of the entertainment,” Simmons said in an interview “It’s not something I would advise still. I always like to play high notes. I’ve gotten older. I see that is usually where I’ve had the longest, most stable impression…doing something that’s higher and more inspired. There’s a lot of talks about the beefs that’s going on, particularly the 50 Cent [and Rick Ross feud]. They’re both very talented. Neither one of them needs that to be hot…It’s always a little edgy. I worry about them. I haven’t gotten involved. I hope they settle it, and it goes away.” (MTV News)

Simmons’ is known for promoting positive-based iniatives as Hip-Hop Summit’s co-chairman.

Founded in 2001, the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network (HSAN) is dedicated to harnessing the cultural relevance of Hip-Hop music to serve as a catalyst for education advocacy and other societal concerns fundamental to the empowerment of youth. HSAN is a non-profit, non-partisan national coalition of Hip-Hop artists united in the belief that Hip-Hop is an enormously influential agent for social change. (HSAN)

Other hip-hop figures including Fat Joe have also shown their disinterest in rap’s latest beef.

“50 Cent just gotta make music,” Joe said in an interview. “He does all these diversions and disses rappers to eliminate the fact that he’s not really hot and relevant right now. So if two weeks ago we were talking about 50 Cent, what record or what would we really be talking about unless he disrespected Rick Ross…I’m tired of all these gimmicks and these games. This man’s just gotta put out hit records. That’s what we’re doing…We making music. At the end of the day, we fell in love with hip-hop to make music and hit records.” (Kendra G)

Despite Joe’s suggestion, Ross has entered the beef head first releasing the cartoon “Gay-Unit Workouts” aiming to make G-Unit appear openly homosexual.

“Yo son, get your a** off my tongue so I can speak,” an animated 50 tells Tony Yayo on the clip. “Eh yo so, I’m thinking later on I’mma buy us all some matching clothes. I think I blew a hole in my pants today, Yayo. “Nah Fif, it looks good, no problems over here. But for real son, that n*gga Ross f*cked you up on that ‘Mafia Music’ son but I heard he got some new sh*t though…called ‘Magnificent’ John Legend, son. Sh*t son, I don’t know what the f*ck we gonna do.” (Google Video)

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