Rap mogul Russell Simmons has shared his reaction to former Def Jam artist LL Cool J being nominated as an inductee for the 2011 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Speaking on LL, Def Jam’s co-founder reflected on the rapper’s early days as an emcee.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing the greatest of all time,LL Cool J, getting nominated to become a member of the Rock N’ Roll Hall Of Fame. I remember when Todd was just a young, runaway kid who kept sending his demo tape to Rick Rubin‘s dorm room. When we first listened to his tape, we knew we had to make Todd part of the Def Jam family. Over the years, Todd made hit after hit, and maybe only to Jay-Z, he has the most hits in hip-hop history…at least in my book. But more importantly than being a hit maker, Todd has always said yes when asked to give back to his community. I have asked him to do many, many things and he has NEVER said no. He is a true friend and someone who truly deserves to immortalized in the Rock N’ Roll Hall Of Fame. (Global Grind)

In addition to LL, ex-labelmates The Beastie Boys were also nominated.

The group encompasses greats from punk-inspired rap to shock-rock. Among the 15 nominees is the rap trio the Beastie Boys, one of rap’s most enduring icons, LL Cool J, New Jersey rock warhorses Bon Jovi, and shock rocker Alice Cooper. Also in this year’s group of nominees is Alice Cooper and the gravel-voiced troubadour Tom Waits. (ABC News)

Inductees will be announced later this year.

The inductees will be announced in December, and the 26th annual induction ceremony will be held on March 14 at the Waldorf-Astoria in Manhattan. Artists become eligible for nomination 25 years after the release of their first single or album, and the awards are voted on by more than 500 music professionals. (New York Times)

After LL lost out on an induction last December, Slaughterhouse‘s Joell Ortiz was vocal on his issues with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame panel.

“how they not let LL cool J in the rock n roll hall of fame yet?,” he asked Wednesday (December 16) night. “LL cool J is one of the first rappers that ever reached out to give me encouragement early on. He didnt even know me just a good dude. @menima27 not many at all. Alot of arrogant a**holes in this biz. I got stories yall.” (Joell Ortiz’s Twitter)

Check out a recent LL Cool J interview below: