[With “Run All Night” in theaters this month, director Jaume Collet-Serra talks to SOHH about what approach he took to Liam Neeson’s latest flick.]

I bring it to where I’m comfortable and where I think it’s entertaining. You could take the script and tilt it more one way or tilt it more the other way.

I brought it to creating a world visually in New York that we haven’t seen before and also in a set time period of one night . Something that wasn’t in the script, for instance, that’s very important to me is to have something happen in a very set time to sort of give it a sense of urgency. In movies I’ve done before with Liam [Neeson] like “Unknown” or “Non-Stop” [there’s urgency].

In “Unknown,” he’s very confused so he cannot have a lot of scenes talking about himself. In “Non-Stop,” there’s a bomb on the plane so he’s not going to talk.

In this one, it was important to really sit down and take the time to balance it out in what would otherwise be just an action movie.