Detroit rapper Royce Da 5’9 wants fans to put belief in themselves. The hip-hop veteran went online to spread motivation by acknowledging the initial uphill battle fellow rap artist Nelly went through at the start of his career.

Royce x Nelly

Last night, 5’9 jumped on Instagram to speak big facts. He acknowledged how despite Nelly getting overlooked with ample anthems to his name on a demo tape, he still pushed forward and became a superstar.

“Imagine your value being based on what “They” think…. They don’t mind showing up to the party late, either because this isn’t the “Integrity Game” .. So, Take it easy. Don’t take things so personal. Have some fun. Create some memories. Do cool sh*t that benefits more than just you and your agenda. Respect the culture and you’ll be just fine… 🌹” -Royce Da 5’9’s Instagram

High-Key Details

Recently, the Motown legend hit up Instagram with a priceless hip-hop shot. The pic featured him smiling alongside G.O.O.D. Music head Pusha T.

“Way mo chemical then political ⚗️” -Royce Da 5’9’s Instagram

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Way mo chemical then political ⚗️

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Royce 5’9 and Pusha-T show off their friendship

Wait, There’s More

Earlier this month, Royce shared a press release about teaming up with Eminem‘s Marshall Mathers Foundation. He’s joining their team as the Director of Community Engagement and Social Justice Initiatives.

“I’m super excited about not just donating money but launching new initiatives… My goals are simple. Provide privilege for the underprivileged and I’m honored to team up with @eminem to do so… #MarshallMathersFoundation #RyanMontgomeryFoundation.” -Royce Da 5’9’s Instagram

Before You Go

The same week, Eminem tweeted out the huge news. He noted how dope it was to have his longtime pal on board.

“Really happy and lucky to have @Royceda59 on board with the #MarshallMathersFoundation to help us reach new goals. Read more on the site.” -Eminem’s Twitter