Slaughterhouse’s Royce Da 5’9 is bidding farewell to his crew. Less than a week after Crooked I revealed his departure from the crew, Nickel has revealed the group is officially d-o-n-e.

Royce went to Twitter early Thursday (April 26) and said fans could stop waiting on a much-needed group reunion.

A few days ago, Royce appeared to hint at Slaughterhouse still existing despite Crooked’s sudden exit.

“Crooked’s my brother, man,” he said. “I support anything that he wants to do. It’s the same with all the other members. They’re not just guys, they’re family. Anything that they wanna do, I’ll support it. I support Joe [Budden] with his podcast. I support Joell [Ortiz] with the shit that he doing with Fred The Godson. I support Crook with whatever it is that he wants to do. That’s just how friends are ‘posed to do … If it’s meant for us to do anything in the future, it’ll happen.” (HHDX)

Last week, Crooked shook up social media by announcing his departure from the four-man rap crew.

“Peace y’all. I got a public service announcement. I’m no longer a part of Slaughterhouse. I’m no longer a part of that collective. It ain’t no beef. It’s all love. I wish them dudes nothing but success. I mean that. It ain’t no problems with Shady. Paul. Em. Tracy. Mark. Everybody. I love them. What they do for me and what they continue to do for me, I’m very appreciative. I’ve been sober for two years and let me tell you a secret. Sober Crooked likes to rap. That group ain’t rapping no more. That’s fine. It was fun while it lasted. Glass House? I have no clue. All I can tell you is it exists. If it come out, I’ll retweet it. Other than that, it’s all love. Everybody who supported me in Slaughterhouse, thank-you. Hope you continue to support me as I continue to do what I love. I’ll have some more bars for y’all to bust down soon. Peace.”

A couple years ago, Slaughterhouse’s Joell Ortiz spoke to SOHH about the group planning to come together and discuss their future.

“Right now it’s about “That’s Hip-Hop.” I know Royce Da 5’9 has his [Layers] project. And we all said we would get back together in May to listen to the album we have finished, see if we want to do touch ups and see if we want to move forward with that. So as of right now, that’s what it looks like. Me, Royce and then Slaughterhouse getting back together. Be on the lookout. I don’t have any announcements but that’s what we all spoke about.” (SOHH)